An ambitious goal

Creation of an open Student Information System solution

The information system operating at the core of every Academic Isntitution was our goal since 2015, the year we started our mission to optimize the services offered to all students and instructors. Until an even bigger goal was set in 2018, to set the foundations for a platform maintained and extended by the community it serves

Evolution of our project



Optimized User Experience

Adopting a user-centered approach, design based on user experience, research and evaluation

Modern Architecture

Based on state-of-the-art technology stack, responsive browser side applications, backend with ORM-enabled API, database agnostic, cross-platform, scalable


Designed from the ground up with security in mind for the daily procedures, as well as the long term retention of data with verification and traceablity capabilities

Flexible Installation

Allows integration with existing infrastructure and services, while supporting parallel usage with legacy systems for gradual migration


Platform fully operable on all devices and environments, web and mobile

Engaged Community

Based on cooperative principles, we seek the participation of all Academic Institutions to maximize the usability of our solution