Open source Student Information System


A collaboration of AUTh and DUTh Universities

A versatile SIS supporting modern workflows

Open source

Built from the ground up as an open source platform where academic institutions and commercial partners can contribute and benefit equally.


Based on the collaboration between academic institutions tuned to meet the real needs of a demanding community.


Built on modern technologies to ensure performance under load and future extensibility.

Our vision

Redesign the workflows of Academic Institutions

For Universities by Universities

An open-source student information system for them management of academic procedures, supported by the collaborative community of Universities.

A specially crafted solution for ease of use and flexible capabilities

For the enhancement of the academic and administrative management

Applications for Student, Faculty and Registrar

Modern user-friendly responsive browser-based applications, designed for portability

Security with Digital Signatures

Immutability for critical grading and degree data, tamper resistant even to system administrators

Traceable Certificates

For easy verification by third parties without manual intervention by Registrar Staff

Central and Departmental Registrar

Flexible permission system for role-based access to data at the Department or Institutional level

Connectivity to third-party systems

For interconnection with national and institutional services for eDiplomas, elearning, user management and directory services

Class Scheduling Management

Allows repeated and single case events to support absence recording and personalized schedules for the Instructor and the Student

Messaging and Notifications

For in-application communication between roles as well as system generated alerts triggered by course enrollment and certificate requests actions

Electronic Payments

Interaction with ebanking systems for student credit-card payments

Business Intelligence

Tool connectivity for popular BI platforms through permissions-protected API

Student Registration

System to manage candidate students, temporary accounts, message exchange and document submission for applications

Support for Student Services

System to manage housing and dining applications dynamically connected to student status

Quality Assirance Procedures

System for course and instructor evaluations, course and instructor profiles and management of metrics and KPI targets

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950 +

Study Programs

121 K

Active Students

23 K


4300 +


33 K

Digitally Signed Gradebooks

251 K

Certificates Digitally Signed

320 K

Certificates Issued

No license fees

Free use with LGPL license

We offer installation and maintenance support